Edinburgh Festival sees swell in visitor numbers

The Scottish summer has not been all it could've been so far - even by our own modest standards - but seemingly that has done nothing to deter visitors flocking to Edinburgh's annual Festival (although we should strictly say 'festivals' - it hosts six of them in the space of just a few weeks), where numbers have increased dramatically to some 290,000; an increase of over 100,000 on last year.

This massive boost, combined with additional overseas visitors numbering some 175,000, is expected to add to the local economy to the tune of £136 million.

The festival has grown dramatically over the years from its initial roots and, as mentioned, is now a heady mix of six individual festivals all combining in the Scottish capital for a few weeks, namely the Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh Mela, Edinburgh Art Festival and The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

It goes without saying that accommodation prices in Edinburgh go through the roof during festival time, with tarriffs for even budget hotels and hostels reaching premium prices. Nevertheless it's still worthwhile keeping an eye out for the odd vacancy becoming available. Alternatively, if you don't mind travelling a little, more competitive prices are likely to be found, for example in Glasgow, or across the Forth Bridge in Fife.

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