Hotel Deals Scotland

Finding the Best Deals

There are some excellent hotel deals available in Scotland, particularly if you can avoid the main tourist destinations and also big events such as golf tournaments and the Edinburgh International Festival. Try being adventurous and, if possible, stay somewhere a few miles from main tourist towns and cities.

Inverness, capital of the Highlands of Scotland, is a particular case in point. It's a busy but small city and the accommodation can get very expensive in the summer months. Several new hotels and inns have been built over the past few years to improve availability and a new Premier Inn (Premier Inn Inverness West) opened at the beginning of 2012. But it can still be tricky to find a good deal, so it's definitely worth looking at towns a few miles distant, such as Nairn or Drumnadrochit.

Because Glasgow is a larger city you'll find it significantly easier to get good hotel deals there. All the big, plush chain hotels such as Radisson and Crowne Plaza (great for the SECC) are there. But there are plenty of smaller hotels and guesthouses to choose from if you are trying to save money. Further out of town you'll find comfortable larger hotels such as Glasgow Pond Hotel, where you can get big hotel comfort and service without paying city centre prices.

There's plenty to see and do in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile and the Scottish Parliament are just a few of the city's big attractions. Parts of Edinburgh are quite, not to put too fine a point on it, posh, and this can really bump up the accommodation costs. Good hotel deals during the world-renowned Edinburgh International Festival, are notoriously hard to come by. Jurys Inn, in Edinburgh's 'old town', next to Waverley Station and only a mile from Edinburgh Castle, is a popular larger hotel where you can often find some great deals, even during the Festival.

When it comes to finding great hotel deals in Scotland's cities remember to shop around, and try not to be too hung up on staying in the best known places. Be flexible. Consider hotels further out of town, check out guesthouses and B&Bs and don't forget to use our comprehensive multi-site price comparison tool.

Happy hotel hunting!

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