Winter Boost for Scottish Hotels

If you've been finding the best winter break deals harder to come by this season as compared to last then don't worry; chances are it's not just you.

According to industry insiders at Expedia, hotel bookings in Scotland are up over 30 per cent for the third quarter of 2014 when compared with the same period in 2013. Figures for hotel searches in Scotland's capital Edinburgh are up 40 per cent in just the last 90 days, whilst the figure for Glasgow is an impressive 50 per cent.

Once again it's North American holidaymakers who appear to be leading the charge for accommodation, but they are closely followed with enquiries from Germany, Australia and Ireland, whilst pinpointed as emergent markets for the Scottish tourism industry are Venezuela, Indonesia and Austria.

Expedia's report also revealed that international travellers tend to stay longer in Scotland than their domestic counterparts, staying an average of a day and a half longer. It also seems they're booking much further in advance, for example Australian travellers are now on average booking their Scottish trip almost 3 months in advance.

The trend then appears to be for Scottish accommodation to become busier right the year round. What was once defined as 'the tourist season' (essentially the summer months) has now expanded well into October, and even November, with a further spike in numbers at Christmas and New Year.

Despite all this there are still some good prices to be had if you shop around a bit. Edinburgh in particular has a huge range of accommodation on offer, which tends to keep prices competitive. It's worth remembering as well that once Hogmanay passes prices will see a sharp drop off as hoteliers attempt to fill rooms during the quiet January and February periods - the best time to grab a bargain.

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